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Destination Wedding - Hamilton Island QLD

When it comes to Wedding locations, the opportunities are endless. Here in Australia we are incredibly lucky to have such diversity and opportunity when it comes to Destination Weddings. When we chose to get married back in 2007, we looked at all the beautiful local venues. Then we found an advertisement for Hamilton Island Weddings but didn’t give it much thought at the time. But it was there in the back of our minds and as time passed a niggling thought grew until we decided to fly to Hamilton Island to see what all the fuss was about. From the second we stepped off the plane, we were captivated. This incredibly stunning tropical location had a energy about it and as we explored the Island were were convinced that this was where we wanted our Wedding to be. And immediately booked our date! Planning a destination Wedding has it’s challenges, but it also makes everything quite streamlined as well. The ability to use great Wedding Coordinators at your destination is very important but so is your own planning and coordination. We planned meticulously and prioritised what we wanted for our Wedding. For us, this was an celebration for all of our family and friends. We wanted this to be an adventure. So we hired our Wedding Photographer and planned a helicopter flight to Whitehaven beach, returning to meet our family and friends for a lunch time cruise around the Whitsundays. It really was an event/moment/opportunity of a lifetime and we were very aware that this would be the only time in our lives that we would be able to pull off such an amazing day. So 8 years later, we still look back on our incredible day and so thankful we did something so out of character and adventurous. We often look back through our amazing photographs and remember each of the tiny and not so tiny elements of our day. Now, and years in the future, we will remember this incredible adventure as we look back at our Wedding Photographs.

Which Destinations do we travel to?

The short answer is Australia Wide. When it comes to Wedding locations, the opportunities are endless. Here in Australia we are incredibly lucky to have so many options for Destination Weddings. We have year round opportunity in Queensland, it’s Islands and the spectacular Whitsundays. Winter Snow and Summertime Mountain Weddings, Iconic locations, Vineyards and Boutique Venues, Resorts, historic buildings and everything in between. And we welcome the opportunity to capture your Wedding within your chosen paradise where ever it may be.

Why choose us for your Destination Wedding?

For every one of our Wedding Couples, it is about preserving your day. Professionally, creatively, beautifully capturing each moment and detail that make up a lot of planning but more importantly, your personalities as a couple. It is about more than getting the images. It is about coordination and organisation on the day. It’s about professionalism and minimal impact to your event. It is about experience when things do or don’t go to plan. It’s about timeless imagery and a documentation that goes far beyond a few images for the wall. It is about quality, respect and results. Jason has specifically adapted his photographic style for Destinations. He has extensive experience in adapting to different lighting conditions and uses natural light to it’s maximum potential. This means he can capture stunning imagery regardless of the snow, wind, rain, brilliant sun, low light and even pitch black.

Low Light Photography at Peregrines Table Top NSW
Low Light Photography at Peregrines Table Top NSW
A few places we have Photographed...

We value the opportunity and uniqueness of Destination Weddings. Of Weddings planned specifically in relation to the environment in which they are held. From snow Weddings at Falls Creek and Winter Villages such a Dinner Plain. To Weddings by the beach where the entire ceremony is held on a deck over looking the water. We have captured Weddings in the heart of Melbourne and flown by helicopter into the iconic Craig’s Hut on Mt Stirling. From Wintertime Mountains to springtime Vineyards, Summer beaches to Autumn Orchids, we have been privileged to be a part of it all. As you look through our portfolio you will see just a few of the beautiful Wedding destinations we have captured. We hope this inspires you to plan the Wedding you have dreamed of. And when you do, we hope to be a part of your day.
Travel Costs

Travel to Your Destination

We include all travel costs within your quoted package. Travel costs include necessary travel costs (such as flights, hire car, ferry) as well as accommodation. Please be assured that we are not extravagant in our requirements for accommodation so this cost will be kept reasonable. We quote for travel costs at the time of booking so the earlier you book, the better chance we can get a better deal for flights and accommodation.

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